About Us

About Friends & Company

Friends & Company Restaurant first opened its doors in October of 1980 . Located on Route 1 between the Madison and Guilford border and alongside the picturesque East River. Our restaurant has been serving up a varied menu using local ingredients for over thirty years, with an emphasis on freshly prepared and health conscious foods. Friends & Company has become known for its Contemporary American Cuisine, our daily baked breads, homemade soups, fresh baked desserts, colorful specials and our choice selections of salads with house made dressings .

When the restaurant was first named, they envisioned it being a place where their friends and company could gather together for a cold drink on our deck at the end of a summer day spent on the shoreline or for a warm dinner by the cozy fireplace on a snowy day in winter. Forty years later those very same ideas of serving quality fresh food paired with with friendly service are very much kept alive by the restaurant’s owners, Greg Benson and Brian Gondek.